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We optimize Revenue Cycle Management and Insurance Contracting to get higher reimbursements and faster payments.

We Focus On

Revenue Cycle

PPO Optimization

Patient Capacity


The Midline Playbook

Four Steps to Higher Reimbursement and Faster Payments

Revenue Cycle

Accurate and faster payments.


Minimize your write-offs with better fee schedules.


Have clarity on where your business is going.

Expand Patient

Know when it's time to expand.

The Midline Approach

The Power of Data

At Midline Dental Partners, we believe in the power of data. By analyzing your practice numbers, we can gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and find ways to maximize your potential. We will work as a liaison between the practice and third party vendors.


Once we have a plan in place, we’ll coach you and your team and put you on a path to success. We start by training client-facing roles like front desk personnel and scheduling coordinators in valuable techniques for minimizing claim denials and collecting payment. As part of our process associates and practice owners will receive training on the most effective ways to contract providers.

Communication & Process

At Midline, we believe that where there is cohesion in patient communication and replicable processes for every situation, success will follow.

Using analytics to increase profits and streamline systems
Introducing a bottom-up strategy by working with client-facing team first
Implementing replicable processes post-acquisition

Real Practices, Real Results


Annual revenue before Midline


Increase in annual revenue


Annual revenue after Midline

Dugas Dental

See What Our
Clients Have To Say

If you are looking to take your dental practice to the next level you should absolutely use Midline Dental Partners. They gave insight into areas of running a practice that I had never considered such as insurance contracting and negotiating with supply vendors. I worked with Vince and he was able to help our team put a long-term plan in place to ensure we have a strong patient flow for years to come. Midline Dental Partners is the best in Columbus!

Kelly Carr

Working with Midline Dental Partners has been one of the best decisions my office has made. Midline Dental Partners is easy to work with, incredibly knowledgeable and very detail-oriented. They will analyze your office and put the right protocols and systems in place. This will quickly lead to more organization, more profit and increased revenue, all with less headache and less stress on the part of the owner. I would highly recommend Midline Dental Partners!

Justin Dugas

Midline Dental Partners was a great asset and tool for our practice. In the past one of the main issues, I faced was optimizing our insurance reimbursements in the office. Midline Dental Partners was able to maximize our reimbursements but also helped instruct our billing department on the tools they used to achieve this. Their ability to assist my development as well as the whole team was remarkable. They are capable of seeing bumps in the road miles out with his prospective analysis on practice trends thus enabling us to be prepared and be successful when we came to those bumps. These are a few of the things that are within his scope of knowledge, but it was quickly evident the positive impact he had in all areas of the practice. It's one thing to recognize potential, it's another to construct a plan to reach it. Highly recommend Midline Dental Partners for anyone in the dental field, whether you're established or new, he'll be able to show you what you're missing out on.

Dr. Akililu Ameha

Midline Dental Partners helped our office to navigate through many challenges. In the build-up phase, Midline Dental Partners offered his expertise on what was needed, how to cut costs, and kept things streamlined. Afterward they worked with us on the credentialing process and set the practice up for financial success. They answered many questions that I did not think about initially but turned out to be key advice. The knowledge and insight he provides through experience and most importantly statistical analysis will be of great use for any office at any stage of the practice. They take their time with explanations and makes it easy for anyone to understand. Great company and happy to recommend him to any office that's looking for a boost.

Dr. Xiaotian Wang

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