Preparing to Acquire

How We Can Help

Buying a practice of your own can be overwhelming, and for many practice owners it takes a lot of trial and error before they feel secure in their financial stability. Midline is here to ease that stress and help you succeed from the very beginning. Whether or not you partner with us, we’ve made our buyer preparation checklist available below to view or download, so you can arm yourself with the knowledge you need to start a thriving practice.

Buyer Preparation Checklist

Entity Preparation

Create an LLC

Create a TIN-EIN

Add a Type II NPI

Register with Department of Health

Select a Payroll Provider

Professional Relationships

Select an Attorney

Select a CPA

Select a Lender and Receive Pre Approval

Select a Malpractice Provider

Select a Liability Insurance

Decision on Overhead Insurance

Radiology and OSHA Compliance

Report Review

Three Year Production-Collection Trends

Procedure Code Trend

Insurance Contact Relationships

Three Year Profit and Loss Review

Three Year Tax Return Review