Who we are

Meet Vincent Crump

With over a decade of experience in dental office operations, Vincent Crump has helped multiple practices and dental groups grow and thrive. At a certain point, he realized that he could do the same for more practice owners and dentists looking to purchase a practice of their own, so he founded Midline Dental Partners.

With his expertise and unique, analytical approach, he can help you realize your practice’s potential, so you can focus on what you do best: making patients smile.

Who We Help

If you’re looking to break out of your associate position and acquire a practice of your own, we’re here for you. We also work with existing practice owners to help streamline processes and coach their teams. Whether you already own a practice, but your accounts receivable is out-of-control, or you’re in the market to purchase a practice but don’t know where to even start, a partnership with Midline can put you on the path to success.

Analytic Approach

PPO Optimization

Revenue Cycle Management

How We Help

Are you finding that your Insurance Aging and Accounts Receivable reports keep getting larger?

At Midline Dental Partners, we have found that the key components to a successful financial structure are clean verification systems, clarity around the patient portion, and the optimization of PPO relationships.

We take an analytic approach to gain valuable insights into your practice. We’ll examine your workflow to see where your strengths are, and find out where you can improve. With this data, we can better strategize and help you streamline your revenue cycle management for more accurate revenue forecasting, increased efficiency, and quicker, more consistent collections.

We’ll coach you and your team, empowering you with the Midline Playbook to help you gain higher reimbursements and receive your payments faster.

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Real Practices, Real Results.

There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing our partners succeed and thrive. Check out some of our favorite success stories to see how a partnership with Midline can transform how you acquire or run your practice.

Dugas Dental


When we began our partnership with Dugas Dental they were looking for a way to grow their practice. After analyzing their expenses and processes, we immediately found opportunities for growth through their existing network relationships. Between insurance negotiation and operating expense control we were able to not only double revenue but increase profitability by 50% over the course of two years. On top of that we replicated the same model on a second location and doubled its size in the same timeframe, resulting in an astounding 426% increase in their annual revenue.


Annual revenue before Midline


Increase in annual revenue


Annual revenue after Midline